Regulating Deep Fakes

There is an ocean of data on the Internet, growing every second from both humans and bots. Most of this data is meaningless and harmless. It’s noise. But some of the data is harmful, intended to influence and misdirect public opinion. This harmful data appears authentic (fake news) which is why it’s so effective. Deep fakes are about to make the problem much worse.

For a politician, deep fakes might be one of the most terrifying technologies to emerge since the nuclear bomb. The AI-based technology can create illusions that seem as real as the nightly news. In fact, they could recreate the news with a completely fabricated narrative. It is no surprise that Congress has introduced a bill to regulate deep fakes.

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The Confused Egg

An egg is the most popular synthetic influencer ever.

World Record Egg, the world record holder for most liked Instagram post, accomplished what every Instagram star aims for – Huge exposure and a massive brand deal.

And I still don’t understand it.

Here are the top wins and losses from the Hulu Egg Campaign.

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Hacking Human Laziness with Internet Heuristics

Admit it. Humans are lazy. And easily tricked.

Our brain, in its never-ending quest to preserve glucose, seeks shortcuts. If our brains didn’t do this, we would be paralyzed by every mundane choice. These shortcuts are known as heuristics, and heuristics are the cornerstone of marketing manipulation.

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Three Ways to Start Marketing on Facebook Messenger

Consumer technology products are increasingly an essential part of brand marketing. Just as marketing teams need great storytellers, they also need great technologists. A prime example of technology driving brand growth are chatbots.

Even Mark Zuckerberg agrees.

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Generating Instagram Posts Through Machine Learning

Feeding the social media beast. Ask any marketer and they’ll lament at the time spent on every Instagram post, only to have the vast majority of them underperform.

Having spent a lifetime on trying to solve this problem the old fashion way (IE put in more time) I decided to find a better way.

I have been working to create a tool that leverages machine learning to generate Instagram posts. This project was inspired by my desire to explore how to build with AI, and my frustration from having to continually feed the social media beast.

There must be a better way!

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VR Trivia Battle

It has been a long journey for our crazy VR game show, from the mad dash in 2017 that earned us a spot at GDC and SIGGRAPH, to bootstrapping the company with Azin for nearly two years, then bringing on HTC as our exclusive development and launch partner.  

Finally, VR Trivia Battle (formerly known as Kiss or Kill) is available, exclusively on Viveport!

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Technology is the New Content

I remember when I first interviewed with the three Quest founders to join as the head of marketing. I laid out a plan to earn their first million fans, and explained that, to do it, the company would need to create a content studio. They thought I was joking.

Back in 2011, a branded content studio was a pretty crazy idea, especially to three guys who just put their houses on the line to bootstrap a protein bar company. A content studio? To sell protein bars?

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