New short film

Here is my latest film, Sunrise. It’s a 3 minute short shot here in Santa Monica. I’ll post the script if anyone wants to read it.

Andrea, the male lead, will be on ‘Til Death’ this Thursday so be sure to check him out there as well.

It was shot during morning magic hour (Around 6am) on a DVX-100a, edited on FCP.

Between web compression, YouTube and shooting by the ocean without a boom mic, some people are reporting it hard to hear every line that is said. Here is the diag. Again, if there are requests I’ll post the original script (which is a bit different).

Girl: What are you doing
Guy: I must be lost!
Girl: Did you take a turn a wrong turn into the ocean?… Where you headed?
Guy: Italy
Girl: Yah, that makes sense … you pack light
Guy: Most of my life is in storage
Girl: I know a great guy in storage
Guy: So did my wife.
Girl: Oh, is she is storage too?
Guy: More or less
Girl: I’m not having sex with you.
Guy: What?…. Good talking to you.
Girl: I could have him killed… Mr. Storage… Whoever he is.
Guy: Who says I want anyone killed?
Girl: Your eyes
Guy: Thats the salt from the ocean
Girl: Just say it
Guy: Say what
Girl: Say what… Don’t just throw away two years.
Guy: I’m sorry… I was wrong.
Girl: The next time you try to swim home, I’m going to let you
Guy: Now that I said sorry, will you do my laundry?
Girl: Yes, the joys of marrying a man in the self storage buisness
Guy: I hate you
Girl: I hate you too.

6 Replies to “New short film”

  1. Man, Andrea is damn good. They should have put him in the new Bond movie.

    p.s. what was with the OTS framing? Was that a conscious decision to fuck up the thirds?

  2. Nick,

    I ran across your link on the facebook group on of our MCS alumni created. I’ve used FCP a lot at school to make 30 sec ads for political campaignsin Maine and am impressed. Keep up the good work, its recognized.

    Well done,


  3. can I ask what type mic you did use? The one that came with? or other? some of the audio is not bad at all. I mean, not as bad as I would’ve thought (if you are using the mic that camewith).

    peace out