Miles Davis and Nintendo, Together at Last.

Kind of Duped –

My parents wouldn’t let my brother and me get a Nintendo way back when. I’ve since blamed most of my disfunction’s and shortcomings on that one simple decision.

While my brother and I did pool our money to buy a used one, we could only sneak in a level here and a level there while no one was looking. Hardly the most efficient way to master Duck Hunter.

Because of this, I am not a huge 8bit geek like I sometimes wish I was. That said, chiptune artists ast0r, Virt, Sergeeo, Shnabubula and Disasterpeace latest creation ‘Kind of Bloop’ An 8-Bit Tribute to Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue is going to make my parents re-think that fatal choice.

It’s the most current example of the cumulation of our emerging morphed culture. Miles Davis and the Nintendo. Two game changing classics from vastly different times and places, combined at last via a new form of art.


Is there anything the Internet can’t spawn?

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