A key element in all that I do is continuous growth. That isn’t just looking into the future, but looking into yourself. One problem I have noticed is how few people receive actionable feedback from friends and peers. It can be hard to ask for feedback outside a structured work environment. The Digital Future / RLTYCHK team set out to fix that.

Enter Feedback Loop.

Feedback Loop is an iOS app that democratizes the personal and professional feedback process. If you’ve ever experienced a 360 work review, or participated in a Johari Window assessment, you know how valuable feedback can be. Now anyone can receive candid feedback from the people who know them the best: friends and peers. 

Feedback Loop is an easy-to-use app that helps you discover and unlock the great things that others see in you, and eliminates blind spots that hold back your development in life and at work.  

Feedback Loop is simple, secure and anonymous. The iOS app is now available for free in private beta. DFF readers get early access to sign up, just click here.

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