There has been some discussion floating around the interwebs about Geoblocking, especially with the splash that Gemini Division is making. This isn’t really the binary issue that many make it out to be. 99% of content viewers hate it. And rightfully so. If you live outside the US you can’t watch a handful of online shows (Foreign BodyThe All-For-Nots and Gemini Division to name a few) plus Hulu doesn’t work at all.


No Hulu? 


I’ve got a bit of a dipendecy on Hulu these days. Couldn’t live without it.


So is this Old Media butting their heads into what could World Wide awesomeness? Partially.


Fitting the square peg of traditional TV into the round one of Internet content is proving to be difficult. You want to make an online show with a real budget you need to get some big names behind you. Want to make it a bit easier you need to sell it internationally. These things take time and the online division of any studio is going to be run by a handful of people with a million things to do.  


But saying “It’s this way because online studios don’t have enough people” is a total copout.  There is more to it than the Crusty Old Suits not understanding. Generally, they understand more than we give them credit for.


More to say on the subject to stay tuned but I think there is a killer app waiting to be made. TubeMogul?

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