Billions and Billions

In 1994, Apple Computer began developing the Power Macintosh 7100. They chose the internal code name “Carl Sagan”, the reference being that the mid-range PowerMac 7100 should make Apple “billions and billions”. Today YouTube announced that they serve one Billion videos a day. So in honor of that, is this:

Miles Davis and Nintendo, Together at Last.

Kind of Duped – My parents wouldn’t let my brother and me get a Nintendo way back when. I’ve since blamed most of my disfunction’s and shortcomings on that one simple decision. While my brother and I did pool our money to buy a used one, we could only sneak in a level here and […]

Is Culture Dead? Or does the Internet Just Love Random Dancing?

If you were to mention an object related to a ‘high brow’ subject to my dad (A famous painting, an unheard-of-to-my-generation author, a book from the 15th century, or rare musical recording) he’d trace back its roots (In real time, no Googling) and then either bring out that object – The honest to god original […]

Piracy: The Fight not worth Fighting

Before I get to my point, allow me to do some self congratulating give some background. I uploaded my first (horrible) video to the web in 2000. I used the Iomega Buzz to edit. Trust me, that wasn’t fun. My senior year of college, spring 2006, I pitched Google a webseries. A really cool webseries. It […]


There has been some discussion floating around the interwebs about Geoblocking, especially with the splash that Gemini Division is making. This isn’t really the binary issue that many make it out to be. 99% of content viewers hate it. And rightfully so. If you live outside the US you can’t watch a handful of online shows (Foreign Body, The All-For-Nots and Gemini […]

The Big One is Coming

There is a great thread over at DVXUser about Adamo P. Cultraro getting his film, Corrado, off the ground. It’s a fascinating and inspiring read that I suggest any budding filmmaker check out. The thread is over 170 pages starting with preproduction and ending with the distribution of the film.   Align your own stars. That’s my take away. And that’s […]