Digital Future Friday: Warren E Regulates – A Very Bad Week at Facebook – Why the MAX Fell

It is becoming increasingly clear how the decisions being made today are actively shaping our future. Regulation, scandals and outrage reign supreme as society grapples with the changes that race toward us. Part of our job at Digital Future Friday is to raise awareness about these changes, and spend time thoughtfully considering their potential impact. This week […]

Digital Future Friday: TikTok, Sex and Dancing – Weaponized Videos – Zuckerberg vs. Dorsey

The future continues to race toward us more quickly, so we have lots to cover. This week, you’ll watch a video that is a weapon, unpack the complexities of social status and hear from two social platform CEOs. Let’s go!

Digital Future Friday: Burning digital books – Unintended consequences – Military memes

This week, we dissect the complicated cultural issue plaguing our social platforms. In the wake of new bans and mad-dash policy updates from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, it’s critical to understand the root causes and externalities. And as luck has it, the most famous of the de-platformed made a return on Wednesday.