I’m a bit obsessed with real time sales data. At Quest I’d always have a window open showing our daily sales and I’d refresh it frequently – especially on big days like a new product release or Cyber Monday.

It’s not the dollars but the indicator of progress that I love.

With RLTY CHK we get that data through the Steam partner portal. We’re in the very early stages of our game releases so sales are consistently low. We’re focused on creating great games through our fan development process, not unit sales. Those will come next year with our full release.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this on Monday morning…

What was going on?!

We’ve only seen spikes that like that when Steam promotes us on launch day. I texted my co-founder Azin.

And started digging into our analytics. Where was this coming from?

A Reddit referral quickly stood out. But we hadn’t posted an update on Reddit for at least a week.

And then I found it. A Reddit post by a fan.

This isn’t the biggest post we’ve had on Reddit. Nor was it coordinated. What it was, and is the most important thing one can ever hope for, is a passionate fan being authentically passionate.

It’s what I live for when building a new community. These moments where a fan expresses their opinion are the fuel for a company like RLTY CHK. I wasn’t expecting this until next year with our larger release. We have a long way to go as a company, but early indicators like this are encouraging and beyond motivating for the entire team.

So thank you u/Olmis for being an early super fan. We hope to keep blowing you away!