How to Do a Five-Day Food and Tech Fast

Disclaimer: I’m the VP of Content and Community at Big Sky Health, makers of the fast tracking app, Zero. Five days with no food. No technology. No people. Think you can do it? Since 2015, I have escaped the hustle of the city for a multi-day, year-end nature retreat. I am often asked questions about […]

Should Kids Take Internet Ed?

Your driver license. A symbol of freedom. A quintessential moment in a teenager’s development and one of the few remaining rites of passage. The automobile is also one of the most deadly things mankind has ever invented. It’s no surprise that a test is required to operat a multi-ton projectile. The internet, it turns out, […]

When Food Knows Your Face

This part 2 of my Future of Food series. See part 1 here. If software is eating the world, its final meal is… food. The food we eat and the way it is discovered has been experiencing a decade’s long technological transformation. While slower than tech transformations seen in other categories, the food transformation is […]

Digital Double Agents: Is the Troll Hunter a Troll Herself?

Traditional media was very critical of social media’s involvement in election interference during the 2016 presidential campaign. While there are plenty of worthy criticisms, the forest has been lost for the trees when it comes to state sponsored disinformation campaigns. For some reason, the traditional media acts as if it is immune. But when words […]

Digital Future Friday: Warren E Regulates – A Very Bad Week at Facebook – Why the MAX Fell

It is becoming increasingly clear how the decisions being made today are actively shaping our future. Regulation, scandals and outrage reign supreme as society grapples with the changes that race toward us. Part of our job at Digital Future Friday is to raise awareness about these changes, and spend time thoughtfully considering their potential impact. This week […]