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Future Tech – Sixth Sense

I’m a geek at heart, and TED gets me through those hard days like today, so this was a welcome addition to my Wednesday.

THIRST has always had a refined version of this tech since a very early outline. This TED talk gives a glimmer but I highly doubt in 10 years we will be projecting on walls. Unless it is to facilitate dialogue with other people within physical proximity, all of this would be visible only to the user (Glasses, then contact lenses, then retinal implant) .

Hello, 2009.

Hello, 2009.

The weight of not having a post in 2009 has caused me to lose countless hours of sleep. So here I am. What have I been up to? Writing my ass off, that’s what.

For the time being, Earthquake is what it is. It provided a solid push in the right direction. I am now on a new journey. A journey by the name of THIRST. Page 68 and moving at a solid clip. Target goal for draft 1 completion is February 28th and there is no reason I won’t make that goal.

2009 has been all about routine. Get up early. Write. Go to work. Write some more. Go to the gym. Eat. Sleep. I feel like a marine, minus the PTSD and suicidal tendencies. Those traits usually don’t set in until after the first draft is done.

That’s all I’ve got for you, so I’ll exit with a picture from my ‘inspire’ folder. I didn’t take it, but it’s not photoshopped so it’s got that going for it. Oh, and the picture is up top not down here. Don’t shoot the messenger. Even if it is said messengers fault. Badass though, right?