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This is how you’ll be Touching Video

I was about to finish up a different post when I found this http://craftymind.com/factory/html5video/CanvasVideo.html

Go there. Now. In your modern HTML5 compliant browser. This is a seemingly small step with HUGE implications. While this implementation may not seem exciting at first glance, this is a perfect example of ‘touching’ video.

More later.

Touch That Video

I remember a huge fight I had with my parents when I was around 12. It was a Sunday night. Simpsons night. Back when that show was the holy grail of edgy humor every 12 year old craved. But there was a problem. Schedule change. The Simpsons were on a half hour later this year. That half hour put the show past my bedtime. My parent’s bedtime policy was adapted from the Guantanamo handbook with no wiggle room. Thus, a major Sunday night crisis begun. My ultimate solution was to throw a fit well past 9:00, thus proving, in my 12-year-old opinion, how draconian this sleeping regime was. Of course, I never got to see that episode of the Simpsons.

If only I had an iPad…

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Future Tech – Sixth Sense

I’m a geek at heart, and TED gets me through those hard days like today, so this was a welcome addition to my Wednesday.

THIRST has always had a refined version of this tech since a very early outline. This TED talk gives a glimmer but I highly doubt in 10 years we will be projecting on walls. Unless it is to facilitate dialogue with other people within physical proximity, all of this would be visible only to the user (Glasses, then contact lenses, then retinal implant) .